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Rebecca Symes CPsychol BASES Accredited HPC Registered

CPsychol BASES Accredited HPC Registered

Injury and Depression: What Every Coach & Sports Medicine Specialist Should Know

May 27, 2011

by Rebecca Symes, CPsychol Many people look up to and aspire towards the world’s greatest athletes and at times they can be perceived as having the perfect life; getting to play the sport they love for a living, in the public eye earning respect and adoration and for the elite few, earning large amounts...
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Understanding Athletic Identity: 'Who am I?'

May 24, 2010
Understanding Athletic Identity: 'Who am I?'

Note from the editor: This piece from British Sport Psych Consultant Rebecca Symes is a very important post – for reasons that will become obvious as soon as you ask yourself the question: Who am I? …and begin to ponder the implications of that question on every aspect of your life.  I have explored...
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P5 Thinking – Mental Conditioning for Peak Performance

It is a fact that successful athletes think differently. They have belief systems that support their success and they actively work to manage their...
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