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Speed & Conditioning

Injury and Depression: What Every Coach & Sports Medicine Specialist Should Know


by Rebecca Symes, CPsychol Many people look up to and aspire towards the world’s greatest athletes and at times they can be perceived as having the perfect life; getting to play the sport they love for a living, in the public eye earning respect and adoration and for the elite few, earning large amounts...
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Genetics vs. Nurturance: Peter Vint Comments

December 18, 2010
Genetics vs. Nurturance: Peter Vint Comments

Thanks to Dan Peterson from 80percent mental – for his great interview with Peter Vint Peter Vint is the High Performance Director for the United States Olympic Committee. His responsibilities include leading and coordinating the efforts of sport science and medical professionals focused on the Olympic sports of swimming, track and field, shooting, equestrian,...
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5 Reasons You Should Use ‘Athlete’ Produced Video – Coaching

  A note from the Editor:  Recently I came across a coaching method advanced by a young coach that truly serves as a great...
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