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Motivation in Sport – Discovering Your “Reason”

June 5, 2011
Motivation in Sport – Discovering Your “Reason”

by Simon Hartley Be World Class Why does a swimmer get out of bed at 4am on a cold, wet Tuesday in December. Why do they drive all the way to the pool and swim up and down for two hours? Why do they then have a bite of breakfast before doing a tough...
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Might Psychotherapy Have Rescued Tiger Woods?

December 28, 2009

by Dr. Stephen Walker – CC-AASP Tiger’s Infamous Fall from Grace Belief Systems Drive Behavior – Both Good & Bad Behavior: The case for therapy in Sport The end of 2009 has brought us some unforgetable moments both in and out of sport.  What will undoubtedly be remembered as a tough year for everyone...
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5 Reasons You Should Use ‘Athlete’ Produced Video – Coaching

  A note from the Editor:  Recently I came across a coaching method advanced by a young coach that truly serves as a great...
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