Andy Potts on Bouncing Back

Podium Sports Journal delivers the best of applied sport psychology and provides coaches and athletes with the practical mental conditioning tools and techniques necessary to achieve peak performance including important skills related to motivation, goal setting, competitive drive, overtraining, anxiety, anger, concentration, visualization and imagery, leadership, teamwork, coaching, recovery from injury, eating disorders, substance abuse and cheating, relaxation, self talk, using rituals, awareness and control.

Here’s a quote from an entry in Andy’s blog.

“I’m in great shape and I’ve made improvements in my training over the winter and I just wanted to put my ability on display. Just because it didn’t show, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, so I took the opportunity to shake off a disappointing weekend, mentally and physically recover, and really attack the next race,” Potts said. “The ability to handle adverse conditions, bounce back and be a professional is a valuable tool that I’ve learned from past experiences and it served me well.”

Podium interviewed Andy Potts:

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