Joanna Zeiger on Disappointment


The following is from Joanna Zeiger’s blog. This is the last part of an entry where she describes her biggest disappointments. She has the great attitude you’d expect from an athlete of her calibre.

“Most of the big disappointments in my career involved races in which I was carried off the course or driven by ambulance. And, despite leading the race for so long, the personal victory came in not giving in to the absolute, utter pain and suffering I felt for so long during the run. It made me realize that after 10 years of racing professionally, I am as mentally tough now as I was when I started. It also reaffirmed what I already knew, you can still race ‘well’ even when you feel rotten, and the support of family and friends can carry you a really long way.

Race hard, have fun.”

Podium interviewed Joanna a few months ago. Here’s the interview.


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