13 Pearls of Mental Conditioning


INNside Inkeeping in Montana isn’t a sports blog, but the author was an ultra runner at one time, and he/she learned a few things about mental conditioning along the way. Here are 13 concepts that the author employed in competition. The full article goes into a little detail, but it’s not technical. It’ll take you 2 minutes to read it (and it has a few format errors but the main points are valid).

Here are the 13 key mental training areas discussed in the article.

1. Setting goals

2. Responding to failure

3. “Getting in the zone” routine

4. Concentration

5. Perseverance

6. Visualization

7. Clearing your mind

8. Preparation

9. Centering

10. Self-confidence

11. Self-talk

12. Relaxation

13. Having an “on-site” game plan

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