Sport Psychology is God?


“I was always dismissive of sports psychology when I was competing, but I now realise that my belief in God was sports psychology in all but name.”

– Jonathan Edwards

This quote came from a blog entry on Not Just a Hat Rack by Mike Chalmers (who definitely believes in God).

Our goal at Podium Sports Journal is to deliver the best of applied sport psychology and to provide coaches and athletes with the practical mental conditioning skills and techniques necessary to achieve peak performance.

From the Wikipedia entry for Jonathan Edwards:

Jonathan David Edwards CBE (born May 10, 1966 in London, England) is a former British triple jumper and widely regarded as the finest triple jumper of all time. He is an Olympic champion and has held the world record in the event since 1995. He lives with his wife Alison in Gosforth, Tyneside and also has a flat in London.

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