Is Stress IQ Hurting Your Performance?


“The influence of stress on athletic performance is a legitimate concern for most coaches and athletes. Whether we realize it or not, our emotions affect every cell in our body (Tutko & Tosi, 1976). Negative emotional reactions are often caused by stress. One of the ways to deal with this phenomenon is to understand the mental and physical effects. Thus, the following quiz is designed to be an initial step in understanding and combating the harmful effects stress has on athletic performance.”

“…your reaction to stress will affect every cell in your body. Regardless if the reasons are real or imaginary, your reactions are similar. We each have a biological alarm clock that goes off automatically, whether we want it to or not. This reaction is valuable if you are about to be hit by a car but it has disadvantages if you are trying to settle down and concentrate on your game. By knowing what the reactions are, athletes can learn to interpret these responses as being normal and perhaps even beneficial to their performance.”

Mick G. Mack, Ph.D. wrote the above text for his stress IQ questionnaire that appeared in Self Help Magazine. This questionnaire will help you identify stress and learn a bit about this performance killer.

Here’s the full article.

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