Aggression and Violence in Sport


“The use of the word “aggression” is somewhat confusing. The term aggression is employed to describe angry violent behavior with intent to hurt a person or cause damage to property. “Aggressive” behavior is also used to depict a strong and somewhat adventurous effort. Thus an aggressive sales person or athlete, for example, may be perceived as obnoxious or violent by some and as motivated and hard working by others.”

This quote comes from an article on Kids First Soccer.

The purpose of this article is to:
• introduce the theories and facts about the sources and character of violent behavior in sports.
• discuss moral and social implications of player and spectator aggression in and around sports settings.
• provide suggestions to alleviate the ever growing problem of violent behavior in sports.

This article discusses the following:

Theories of Aggression
Instinct Theory
Catharsis Hypothesis
The Frustration-Aggression (F-A) Hypothesis
Social Learning Theory
Catharsis in Sport Research
Arousal As The “Readying Mechanism” For Hostile Aggression
Gender As The “Readying Mechanism” For Hostile Aggression
Personality As The “Readying Mechanism” For Hostile Aggression
Guilt As The “Hinder Mechanism” For Hostile Aggression
Factors Promoting Hostile Aggression
Situational Factors in a Sport Setting
Reducing Sport Violence
Curtailing Athlete Aggression
Curtailing Spectator Aggression

Here’s the full article.

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