Mental Toughness Training for Pitchers


Ron Wolforth, director of Pitching Central, a Houston Texas based pitching development facility has developed a total pitching development program called “The Athletic Pitcher.” Wolforth shared how he teaches the metal aspects of pitching performance, and works with pitchers at his pitching boot camp to produce more mentally tough and competitive pitchers.

Wolforth was slightly below average college pitcher who stood about 5’9”, and threw in the range of 86-89 MPH. The driving force behind what he does today in his work with pitchers was motivated by his own personal experience that left him wondering how someone who threw pretty hard, had great attitude and work ethic, did not have more success than he did in college?

“You always hear coaches and players in TV interviews after games say ‘We won because we wanted it.’, while no one wanted it more than I did in college. So I started to ask myself, why was I an underachiever?

Through my experience I realized that work ethic and intelligence are important factors in pitching success, but not the sole ingredient in determining who will be a successful pitcher. So I started to search out why my performance was not as good as it could have been, and why so many pitchers fall short of their potential”

Want to find out what Wolforth found? Here’s the full article.

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