Marvin Zauderer on Recovering From Injury

Injury is among the most challenging experiences you can face as a cyclist. When you’re injured, you almost certainly can’t ride in the way to which you’ve become accustomed, and you’re often not able to ride at all. If you were injured in a crash, your mental fitness may have taken a hit; perhaps a big one. While you’re not riding, your physical fitness may be decreasing, and you may be starting to lose confidence in yourself as a rider as well. And if all that isn’t enough, nobody can reliably foretell the path and likelihood of your recovery.

What happens next?

(Please don’t answer, “I reach for [insert vice here].”)

Do you become depressed, demotivated, and down on cycling? Do you rush frantically to get back on the bike and your previous level of performance? The cyclist with sufficient mental training can navigate between these two extremes, avoid unhealthy vices, and manage the recovery process effectively. How? As with so much in life, living skillfully with injury begins with self-awareness, and most importantly, knowing the forces that can push you toward the extremes.

The above intro comes from an article by Marvin Zauderer that appeared on Pez Cycling News. Here’s the full article.

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