The Surfer's Mind – A Review of Richard Bennett's Book


Surfersvillage Global Surf News : – – Sydney, Australia – – Renowned Performance Psychologist and Surf Psychology pioneer Richard Bennett, released the latest edition of his seminal book “The Surfer’s Mind: The complete, practical guide to surf psychology”. Celebrating with a soulful dawn ceremony at his local beach this morning, Richard shared his feelings about his journey into the surfer’s mind and the release of the new edition:

“When I reflect on my journey over the last eight years I feel amazed and deeply honoured at the same time. Creating the opportunity to travel and surf the globe on the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour, work with so many inspiring competitors, free surfers, big wave riders, and then put all my professional knowledge and intuitive understandings together into a book that I can share with the surfing world has been awesome…..

My book is three years young today and to release a new edition already and continue my contribution to surfing really is a wonderful feeling.” Since its first release in April 2004 Richard’s groundbreaking book has sold globally in over 20 countries and assisted hundreds of surfers to tune their mind for peak performance in surfing and wider life.

While the timeless words of inspiration and advice from many of the worlds best surfers remain unchanged, improvements to the new edition include revised text, enhanced illustration section, stronger section sewn binding and offset printing for a finer look and feel.

“Feedback about the book has been so positive and I feel that surfers from beginner level right through to the elite level are becoming more aware of the role of their mind in their surfing and how important it is to consciously develop and evolve the mind for happiness and success in surfing and in all that we do.

So the basis for reducing the price of the new edition is to make the book more widely available to every surfer. Also, production costs were lower for the new edition and so we have passed this saving directly to our customers.”

Now based on the northern beaches of Sydney where he also consults with many of Australia’s top summer and winter Olympians, Richard is keen to return to Bells to continue celebrating the release of the new edition:

“I lived at Bells for many years and launched the first edition of my book there during the Rip Curl Pro World Championship Tour event in 2004, so it feels right to head ‘home’ and share this moment among the many people who were involved in the making of the book as well as be in the space where my first inspiration for the project was born.”

Bennett co-authored several research papers with colleague Peter Kremer which all played a role in the writing of this book. These are; 1) The Psychology of Peak Performance among Elite Surfers; 2) The Psychology of Big Wave Riding and 3) Stress and Elite Competitive Surfing; and the research produced some interesting conclusions. While for many surfers big waves are an issue, Bennett believes that positively building confidence and focus is the key to overcoming barriers that are preventing a surfer from achieving their goals.

Additional information about Richard, his pioneering work and the latest edition of THESURFERSMIND is available online at

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