Another Case for Training your Mind and Body


by Dr. Stephen Walker, CC-AASP

If you ever wondered how much of a difference good coaching and focused training can have on performance – this article by Gina Kolata printed in the New York Times on April 22nd will remove all doubt.  With key interviews from both the outgoing and incoming presidents of the American College of Sports Medicine – she illustrates with examples and good science so as to reinforce what we’ve known all along.

The training regimen described in this article features running, but the applications are true for any sport where competition comes into play.  With a marathon – the training is as much mental as physical – and this article in Podiums archives is worth revisiting:  Seven Action Strategies to Psych Up for the Marathon

Whether you are a coach, athlete at any level wanting to compete, a trainer, sports medicine doc, or parent of a wanna-be – this article is an important read.  Thanks Gina, nice job!

Visit the New York Times Article:   You Want to Go Faster?  Get a Trainer

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