Jess and Bren Interview Dr. Stephen Walker on KCFR Radio – Ft. Collins, Colorado

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Brenda Epstein and Jess Knudson’s award winning sports talk show is called “Beyond the Balls”

Listen as they interview our own Dr. Stephen Walker

Jess and Bren are pretty much icons in Ft. Collins Colorado.  They have one of the funniest, most compelling sports talk shows on the radio today.  Although really quite saavy, they know how to bring the zany out in anyone.  Listen to our Podcast of the week as Dr. Stephen Walker is interviewed on “Beyond the Balls.”  This compelling program features Q/A on Fandom, core competencies in mental training, the impact of agents on sports, athletes as people and more.

Dr. Walker is the editor of Podium Sports Journal and works as a sport psychologist in Boulder, Colorado.  His work has spanned two decades and he has worked with accomplished professional Olympians to major league wanna be’s.  You can tell he enjoys the work and a good laugh as Jess and Bren bring out the tongue and cheek answers you knew were there but – not readily apparent on the surface.

Jess and Bren have won numerous awards in the Rocky Mountain Region for their show and hope to syndicate the program nationally.  Listen up as you hear them craft a great interview.  Both serious and wild at times, its an interesting ride.  Colorado Public Radio and KCFR Radio are staples in our community.  Hope you enjoy the show!


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