Research on Pre-shot Routines Used by PGA Professionals on Tour

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Podium’s Podcast of the Week – an Interview with Dr. Daniel Czech – Georgia Southern University

by Stephen E Walker, PhD, CC-AASP

Dr. Daniel Czech is a professor of sport psychology in a program that has done some remarkable research in recent years, particularly qualitative efforts.  Qualitative research involves a more in-depth study of the practices employed by a few athletes and requires multiple interviews over a long period of time in order to cover the subject properly.  He has supervised many studies involving best practices in teaching and coaching….and in recent years done some remarkable investigations with professional athletes in golf, tennis, basketball and other sports.

The Pre-shot routine has long been mentioned as a tool for building consistency in golf and basketball (free throw shooting) – but this research review cuts to the chase and identifies many reasons PGA Tour professionals use it.  Don’t think for one minute that ritual and superstition don’t have have their place at the highest levels in sport.  Its just that I underestimated how valuable they might be as a tool I should keep readily available when working with athletes at all levels.  The particular research effort discussed in this podcast was conducted by Daniel R. Czech, Allison Yancey, Drew Zwald, Barry Joyner, and Jonathan Metzler from Georgia Southern.  Thanks to them for sharing their research with us at Podium.

By the way, I used to be one of those guys who would just “grip it and rip it” – but I’ve now found that I find my target a whole lot more frequently if I just use a few of the tips in this Podcast.  Whether amateur or pro – in many different sports you will find benefit in this Podcast.  Don’t forget to review the Pre-pitch routine in baseball as another example of how these “best practices” are applicable to other sports.  Check out this article in Podium and you’ll see further evidence to support this mental focusing technique.  Building Consistency at the Plate.


Listen to Dr. Dan Czech Interview – Research of Preshot Routines – PGA Tour Players

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