Coaching Education Podcast on Youth Football – Featuring Jay Goldstein

by Stephen Walker, PhD, CC-AASP

Jay Goldstein from the University of Maryland – speaks to us about his research sponsored by the NFL’s National Football Foundation on coaching education variables in youth football at the Association of Applied Sport Psychology meeting in St. Louis this past year.  This study involved monitoring a youth football development program over multiple years, examining variables that assessed players’ acquisition of skills, perception of competition, personal development, motivation, and sense of self-efficacy….as well as…. their experience of coaching behaviors and their impact on player perceptions of the program and the sport.

Coaches who think their style of teaching skills and building team cohesion don’t require review – should tune into this podcast for sure.  The implications for this kind of research are significant and any coach, administrator or parent of a young aspiring football player should listen.

The discussion includes factors in skills acquisition, self-esteem, attitudes toward competition, and coaching behaviors.  Traditional methods for coaching the sport were contrasted with those addressing player motivation and the results are worth noting, especially when wanting to motivate players to stay with the sport and keep them actively engaged in the sport.  Click below to listen to the podcast:


AASP08 Jay Goldstein Interview – Youth Football Player Development Program – Impact of Coaches & Climate

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