AASP 2009 – The Art and Science of Applied Sport Psychology

steve bolder boulderby Stephen Walker, PhD, CC-AASP

From the Editor

Salt Lake City, Utah – It dawned on me while attending the 24th annual AASP conference – that I had participated in the 2nd one held in Nashua, New Hampshire way back in the fall of 1987. Holy Moly!  I is old and the pic above proves it showing me in my 29th Bolder Boulder 10k Road Race about to be passed in a sprint by the 5 year old coming up on my right shoulder.  But then – what was I thinking….I’m….I’m getting younger?

Well, actually it sometimes feels that way when I’m in a stimulating learning environment, and this year’s AASP did not disappoint.

I will be chronicling much of this conference through interviews, Podcasts and reports on specific research efforts in the coming months – because in my opinion – this conference represents the best efforts from our field contributing to the art and science of applied sport psychology.  From Dr. Daniel Kirschenbaum’s keynote on the best practices in treating the problem of obesity in our culture – to Coach JJ Clark’s valuable journey as one of the premier track and field coaches in the world, and Dr. Dan Gould’s inspiring review of the research on what works and what doesn’t in building great athletes from parenting  guidelines to coaching relationships – AASP continued to bring it.  And the international representation was phenomenal with outstanding presentations by Dr. Gier Roget (Norway) symposiums from down under and continued strong representation from the UK.

EXPO offered Programs for Coaches, Athletes and Parents

AASP also reached out to the Salt Lake Community by featuring programs specifically designed for those involved in the trenches of sport.  Sports administrators, great coaches and parents were recognized for their role in making things go at all levels from little league to the Utah Jazz professional basketball team, and they were given the VIP treatment as they had the opportunity to attend programs specifically designed for them from some of AASP’s best.  There was literally something for everyone at this year’s conference and it will be hard to improve upon next October in Providence, Rhode Island.  I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Coming up in Podium Sports Journal

Look for some new contributors in the areas of performance enhancement, the mental side of sports medicine, coaching education and parenting gifted athletes in the future of Podium – and – a new format which will allow for enhanced search functions in the upcoming year.  All in all, it looks good for Podium Sports Journal in the year ahead.  Thanks for your continued support.

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