Sport Psychology in Working with Successful vs Unsuccessful Teams

by Stephen Walker, PhD, CC-AASP

Podium’s Podcast of the Week – Reflections on Applied Consulting work with Teams

While working on their Master’s thesis at California State University – Fullerton, Ian Connole and Kristen Frevert  had the opportunity to consult with high school baseball teams on both ends of the spectrum in terms of success.  Those that were perennial power-houses with multiple championships under their belt – and – teams that had failed to win a game in their division over an entire season.

Reflecting on their experiences Connole and Frevert came up with a number of insightful and helpful guidelines for consultants, coaches and trainers who might find themselves working amongst teams with this sort of disparate success.

Ironically, the mental skill most required to keep successful teams from losing their focus and becoming vulnerable – was the same skill incorporated to give a proper focus to those teams stuck in a slump.  “The Power of Now” holds new meaning to them after this experience and this Podcast shares how.

Connole is now working on his PhD at West Virginia University while Kristen Frevert is pursuing a PsyD from the University of Denver, both programs lead the field in developing quality sport psychology consultants.  Thanks to them for this illuminating interview.


Ian Connole & Kristen Frevert-Sports Psychology of working with Successful vs Unsuccessful Teams

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