Another Look at "Overtraining Syndrome" with Dr. Goran Kentta

podium overtraining

by Dr. Stephen Walker – CC-AASP

Podium’s Podcast of the Week – an Interview with Goran Kentta

Dr. Goran Kentta is a sport scientist working with the Swedish School for Health and Sport Sciences in Stockholm.  He has had the opportunity to interview and work with a number of elite athletes and embarked on a qualitative study assessing the role, perception and implementation of  “Recovery”  in training amongst coaches and athletes at the elite level.

Dr. Kentta’s research bears additional fruit when juxtaposed with the steep cost of making the same mistake in developing a training regimen that neglects the necessity for recovery as an integral part of becoming a great athlete. It becomes clear that an athlete does not need to have recurring injuries, or poor nutritional support to suffer the sometimes career ending fallout from “overtraining syndrome.”

Listen to yet another point of view, based on case studies that provide compelling evidence of the need for coaches and athletes to clearly understand their training programs and why it is so important to know “how” to recover and “when” to recover.


AASP08 Goran Kentta Interview – Elite Athletes Perception of Recovery – Case Studies

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