Coaching Education: Coachs' Interpersonal Styles Affect Motivation

Podium’s Podcast of the Week: An interview with J. Paige Gregson

by Stephen Walker, PhD, CC-AASP

In another review of interviews carried out during the poster sessions at AASP 2009, Stephen Walker interviewed Paige Gregson, a graduate student Brock University completing her masters in sport sciences.  This podcast provides a good synopsis of research she conducted with Dr. Philip Wilson and Diane Mack also from Brock, located in Ontario, Canada.  Curious as to how a coaches interpersonal styles might contribute or take away from the athlete’s motivation – Gregson and Wilson examined a number of factors involved in coaching success.  Things as simple as a well stated purpose for the day’s practice, choices and the sense of personal connection an athlete may feel from the coach – do matter when it comes to motivating athletes as this research pointed out.  This research has also been featured in a Chapter titled: The Importance of Interpersonal Style in Competitive Sport: A Self-Determination Theory Approach in The Handbook of Sports Psychology edited by Calvin Chang.


Paige Gregson – Coaches’ Interpersonal Styles and Motivational Processes in Competitive Sport

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