The Golfer in You

(Thanks to Bob Fisher for the photo – Fisher is the Team photographer for the Montreal Canadians)

A Poem by Charles Pfeil

Nice shot, your partner replies

as the ball rises in a graceful arc

against the clear blue sky

Bending ever so slightly before it lands

far away, down the fairway

Bouncing, bouncing, rolling, rolling

until it comes to rest,

never out of sight

So effortless, for today

the golfer in you has come to play


You have worked so hard

for so many years

searching for secrets

adjusting your swing, clubs, and mind

Ever vigilant, always hopeful

to play this way

No anxiety, no frustration,

no what if ahead

no if only behind

Just peaceful exhilaration

as you watch the round unfold


When it is over, your smile runs deep

The passion and calm of this day

are secure in your soul

to be treasured forever

You have been blessed

you have experienced

the essence of golf

the enchantment of the game


But the golfer in you is a vagabond

He was here today

and will be gone tomorrow

In his absence you will enjoy

an occasional feeling of his touch

But you will always be on the watch

in anticipation of the day

the golfer in you returns to play


by Charles Pfeil from Colors of My World – published by ArrowPhotos –  Canada, 2010

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