Thanksgiving – Is Good and Good for You!

Dear Friends,

As I’ve been observing the difficulties so many of us have had over the last few years – I’m reminded of the formula:  REALITY /(divided by) EXPECTATIONS = HAPPINESS.

It takes awhile to really grasp the full picture of what this formula says, but once you ponder it awhile, you will be hard pressed to find an exception.  A recent article was published in the Wall Street Journal citing some of the research coming out of the positive psychology movement within the American Psychological Association.  This article states some rather insightful research findings I’m confident you all will find illuminating.

As I’ve noticed the annual ramp up of marketing efforts designed to sell us all manner of stuff during the Holiday season – this research becomes even more profound.  Ben Franklin defined the good life in many ways.  Those statements that encapsulate my hopes for you this Thanksgiving are:  “If you would be loved, love and be loveable”….and…. “Know that the wealthy man is not he who has it, but he that rejoices in his portion.”

Click Here to visit the Wall Street Journal article on positive psychology….

The expression of gratitude is not to be underestimated.  The more times we incorporate a recognition of the blessings that exist in our lives, the greater the recognition that many of our conversations may just be whining.  With that in mind, may we forever appreciate the friends and family that make our lives rich. May you and yours have the most cherished of times together. Thank you for every gift of friendship, trust and the warm smiles you share everyday.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Walker, PhD

Dr. Stephen Walker, CC-AASP, USOC Registry of Sport Psychologists

Health & Sport Performance Associates, L.L.C.

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