May you Have a “Box of Dreams” on Christmas this Year

Box of Dreams A poem by Charles Pfeil

I opened my little box of dreams today

Elated again for it never forgets

Treasuring my hopes, desires, imaginations


I pursue these dreams not in wild abandon

Rather with vision and purpose

To make myself and those around me better


Though each passing day reminds me of this short life

The glow in the box renews my heart

My dreams are alive and aspire to be real

Charles Pfeil is a photographer and poet from Boulder, Colorado.  An avid golfer, his work has been featured in Podium before as we shared his poem The Golfer in You” last year.  His book, The Colors of My World is available at and is a source of incredible photography from the world over.  His poetry is insightful, whimsical and full of spirit all at once.  It serves as a magical source for reflection, dream weaving and inspiration.  Thanks, Charles.

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