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There were several top videos presented on You Tube this year that merit another viewing – especially because they represent many of the values and principles Podium would like to share with its readers.  Research on laughter and its impact on the nervous system and our stress hormones suggest that we should look for opportunities to giggle and laugh for no better reason than its contribution to our health.  We also take another look at exercise and our influence on others.  Having a healthy belief in what we can do is an important component to confidence for as Henry Ford once said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you’re right.”  Karma is a concept we all understand – but this video provides such a clear understanding – no one can miss the point.  And finally, Nick Vujicic impressed me as the real deal and a man who’s gifts to the spirit are unmatched by any I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!

The Importance of Laughter

Humor is highly under-rated and we certainly believe in the therapeutic value it offers in life.  Laughter is healing at any age – and if you are wondering where you can go to experience the contagiousness of a guaranteed source of tickling your funny bone.  Here is video one – not because its intelligent, but because it makes you laugh.

The Importance of Exercise

Anyone who reads this site needs no convincing that exercise is an important component to good health, a vibrant and engaging outlook and a way to thrive.  Not just limited to us humans…..


Believe in Yourself – It is it’s own form of Marketing

I have a tee shirt I produced for folks that I work with.  It’s got an important message on it which says, “Believe in Yourself”.  Harvey doesn’t need the tee shirt.

Who doesn’t believe in Karma?

I was reminded of this scene a couple of times in the past few weeks.  Folks in a hurry, totally preoccupied with their own trip.  This video does reinforce my belief in Karma.

Perspective, Vision & Choices – Being Thankful because its a lie to think you’re not worth anything

Finally, and on a much more thoughtful side is the experience and lessons taught by Nick Vujicic in his total dedication to literally breaking through every limitation his physical body has known.  With a spirit like this – IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD ACCOMPLISH!!!  Thanks Nick for the most inspiring video of the year.

It is totally appropriate that Podium recognize these folks for their steadfast contributions to our past year.  Many many thanks for every kindness, boundless effort, thoughtful contribution and insightful commentary you have provided to all of us – who want to become our best, perform our best, and know that we never settled – for that would cause us to be less than what we are capable of.

Anyone who knows anything about publishing something like this – understands the amount of work that goes into it – is massive.  Podium would never exist without the support  and efforts of:

Noah Gentner, Simon Hartley, Dave Smith, Phil Del Vecchio, Rob Polishook, Alan Stein, Brian McCormick, Dan Fitzgerald, Carrie Cheadle, Rebecca Symes, Chrissy Carew, Eddie O’Connor, Stephanie Rauch, Dominique Larouque, Alan Goldberg, Jerry Lynch, Vanessa Shannon, Conrad Woolsey, Sean McCann, Ken Hodge, Jim Loehr, Rob Bell, Goran Kentta, Geir Jordet, Jay Goldstein, Ashwin Patel, Kristen Dieffenbach, Julian Morrow, Mike Sheridan, Scott Martin, Larry Lauer, Dan Gould, Haley Perlus, Andrea Becker, Mitch Abrams, Kelly Kennedy, Doug Wray, Alex Peri, Jason Cardillo, Pete Moran, Jeffrey Friedman, Max Walker, Dominik Walker, Donna Walker, Dave Taylor, Bethany Siegler, Robin Friedman, Megan Babkes-Stellino, Greg Dale, Natalie Durand Bush, Troy Engle, Laura Farres, Wade Gilbert, Michael Gellman, Tom Patrick, TC North, Linda Petlichkoff, Traci Statler, Rob Weinberg, and Paul Towlen

2 thoughts on “The Year’s Top Videos – Choices from the Podium

  • January 1, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Thank you Stephen! It’s a pleasure to work with someone who puts so much energy into their website! Your ‘performance enhancement’ skills are obvious in more than just the psychological realm! Happy New Year and here’s to much more Podium to come!

  • January 3, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks Doug,
    I couldn’t have done it without you – and you KNOW I mean that. Best to you in 2011!


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