Phenom Kids – Meet Jordan McCabe – Think Practice Makes Perfect?


My sister sent me a clip from her local KOMO news in Seattle – and – low and behold….meet Jordan McCabe.  Not only has this phenomenal kid become a sensation in the State of  Washington and the northwest – he’s been all over YouTube and the kids sports world.  It may seem like piling on….but when I see what Jordan can do and recognize the amount of work and training time he spent in perfecting his routine – it’s no wonder this kid is keeping the audience in their seats during the Huskies PAC 10 halftime show.  Some would say the kid is more entertaining than the games themselves.

On this segment called “Eric’s Little Heros” of KOMO news in Seattle, Jordan McCabe wows the viewer.  The only detraction from Jordan’s game….Eric’s commentary.  It’s still worth the spot on Podium’s video list.  Thanks Jordan – and keep up the good work.  There is a reason lots of folks regard you as a phenom.

So without further adieu – Here’s Jordan McCabe….enjoy!


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