David Feherty: The Most Important Thing in Golf Success

David Feherty is a bit of an icon in golf.  A touring player for sometime, now a graduate to analysis on the CBS Sports Network and golf channel – he usually provides pithy and humorous observations that cause viewers to laugh.  His rather irreverent demeanor, clever insights, popular books and quick wit have gained him both fans and critics throughout the golfing world.  Be that as it may, “What does David really think?” is a question many observers have made.

In this short video, David answers a question from a viewer (Roger Fox) on the most important requirement for a golfer to be successful.  He could have – and often has – made comments on the importance of caddies, how the new developments in technology club design and materials have impacted the game, he even drew a laugh when calling Tiger Woods a loser to his face (which Tiger readily acknowledged.)

Of no surprise to us at Podium Sports Journal – David speaks to the importance of ones mental skills – in identifying the single most important thing for success in golf.  Check it out:


When you consider what you just read about in P3 Thinking, or Simon Hartley’s piece for the athlete in Learn from Everything: Step into Your Discomfort – is it any wonder this is what David Feherty recognizes about golf?  The golfer’s attentional focus is essential for success.  He believes it is their ability to tune into those factors they control, “how” they execute both their swing, plan their game, and how they “know” where & what it feels like “when” their body is on plane & in rhythm throughout the swing – that makes for success in this remarkable game.  I wonder if David has ever read Podium Sports Journal?

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