Need a Laugh? How Not to Play Golf


We’ve all been in the situation on the golf course where the errant swing takes us where we never wanted to go.  This set of videos by Will Robinson to promote his teaching method was found on YouTube and it is almost the funniest thing I’ve seen in golf – save the swing that put this ball where we found it.  Enjoy!

Check this out:


Will Robinson and his promotional videos on YouTube are hysterical.  The one my friend sent me the link to – involved “7 Ways to Quit the Game of Golf”.  Not only are they funny, they smack of the realism only golfers can appreciate.  He teaches more about how to play good golf by sharing with the audience “what not to do” than most quality instructional videos on the market.

However, we know in sport psychology that focusing on the “target zone” is more effective than riveting one’s attention on what you want to “avoid.”  Hence, Will Robinson is making a name for himself because he is funny, and oh so truthful about what goes on inside the golfer’s mind.  He is also accurate when he speaks to all the psychological precursors to cause one to quit the game completely.  What he doesn’t talk about, though, is the occasional “terrific shot” that keeps you coming back.

Want the Yips? – Check out this one too:


Of course, these comic videos introduce his company which issues the 90 day challenge – complete with the guarantee of improved play at the end.  I don’t know about you, but with such a clear understanding of the psychological precursors contributing to failure on the course – I bet he’s really quite good.  Makes me want to check it out for sure.

This is what he leads you to – and the 90 day challenge.  The most compelling golf promotions I’ve seen to date:


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