“Iron Heart” Brian Boyle Continues to Inspire

by Stephen Walker, PhD, CC-AASP, USOC Registry of Sport Psychologists

When Brian Boyle first became known to Podium Sports Journal, he had just earned the moniker of “Iron Heart”. Brian had demonstrated remarkable courage in recovery from a horrible car accident in 2004 (where he was pronounced clinically dead 8 times) proving his is far from finished.  His long and arduous journey back to health has been helped along by an incredible heart and gifted athleticism.  In 2007, just three years after his resurrection, Iron Heart competed in his first Half-ironman Triathlon.

As things often go, especially with Brian, he might tell you he’s just getting warmed up.  Six weeks later he successfully completed the World Championships Ironman in Hawaii on a sponsored exemption as a sentimental favorite in triathlon circles.  Check out this video which reviews both his remarkable recovery, but his undaunted quest enroute to Hawaii as second time.


Now, after successfully competing in three Inronman Triathlons he’s completed major stretches working while on particular aspects of his racing.  One might say he’s created a new form of periodization training.  In 2009, “Iron Heart” ran five marathons in 5 weeks.  This past year he took on an ultramarathon running the JFK 50 mile, a mere two weeks after finishing Ironman Florida.

The fact of the matter is, Boyle is taking his training to a whole other level, and he has continued to improve remarkably in every discipline.  His new goal? To actually qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii, legitimately.

“Iron Heart” Boyle is my pick for inspirational athletes in this past year.  He’s been featured as a major fundraiser for the Red Cross, and became the figurehead in Trailrunner Magazine’s issue on “motivation“.  “Inspiration” is defined as an inspiring or animating action or influence.  I’d say “Iron Heart” qualifies….What do you think?


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