Dr. Julian Morrow – Sport Psychology Loses a Good Friend

Its never good news to learn of a friend’s passing, but in this case, those of us at Podium Sports Journal who knew him are particularly saddened.  On Friday May 27th Dr. Julian Morrow, “J” to his friends, succumbed to the second of two heart attacks.

I spoke with him a week ago.  He and his sweetie had recently been in Charleston for a graduation and they were taking the slow road back, meandering through West Virginia enroute to their home in Connecticut.  We had a relaxed and fun conversation about life, the beautiful scenery he was taking in, a few unique takes on what was happening in the sports scene – but largely J had some ideas to share about how Podium might develop more of a ‘community’ going forward as we grow and evolve.  It was not the first time he had offered assistance, yet his input this time was particularly insightful.

J has always been a prolific writer, and some of his best work graced our pages.  Most recently he penned a piece Researched and Tested: Guidelines for Goal Setting” which is both comprehensive and a focused tutorial on how both recreational athletes and pros can be more attuned to the best practices in setting both process and outcome goals.  One of his earlier pieces proved to be both controversial and stimulating as he took on “Doping in Sports – What You Should Know”.  He could be a great educator while also possessing a clever wit which was sometimes cutting, sometimes philosophical, yet always intelligent and well thought out.  He had developed quite a following on Suite 101, Google’s baby, and recently had been selected as a staff contributor to the Livestrong Magazine web-site.

J’s athletic career included a noteworthy stint in Division I Athletics as he was a wrestler at the University of Wisconsin.  Academically, he pursued a program of studying the mental components in performance psychology when no such programs existed.  Crafting his own research with due diligence, he not only became a contributing writer in popular publications, his work was recognized in research he conducted on the incidence of exercise dependence in the DSM IV – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (4th Edition).  In recent years his penchant for creative photography reached some degree of critical acclaim.

J Morrow Self-portrait
Recent works have been selected for exhibition including but not limited to pieces that met his analytical and sometimes zany perspective on things.
This photo features a tribute – just as this piece offers recognition and appreciation for a life well-lived.  May J’s family and friends ever appreciate his unique view of the world and why he always signed his communications – Peace.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Julian Morrow – Sport Psychology Loses a Good Friend

  • July 8, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Julian was a colleague at Suite101.com. I am saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed.

  • July 8, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Julian Morrow was a great friend and colleague at Suite 101. He was always willing to help out anyone in need and always looking for ways to better himself. He was truly a wonderful friend and writer. He touched the lives of many people through his writing and through his interactions with others, no matter how small. Rest in Peace, J. You will forever be missed, but never forgotten.


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