The Joy of Sport and Building a Team Throughout a Season


Can you think of a better example of joy in sport?  This short feature on the Penn Quakers Womens Soccer Team offers a sweet recap of a great time had by all.

I’m priviledged to know the Co-captain of this team – she’s my neice and amongst the smartest, albeit goofy of the Penn team.  The joy in sport comes from many things not the least of which is development of team goals, each player recognizing their role and how that contributes to their collective success.  I’m not sure whether the fun they had helped drive their success or their success made it more fun.  This is probably another chicken-egg discussion.  But the fact that teams establish goals and that “team focused” objectives trump any individual’s objectives is noteworthy.  John Wooden felt that these sensibilities were integral to winning.


This video was accumulated over the course of a year and the team’s development has been chronicled over that entire time.  This level of team cohesion increases the fun factor by an order of magnitude.  And it also makes the entire season *(both highs and lows) more fun and meaningful.  Given what I see on a lot of soccer teams at elite levels, the fun factor is seriously overlooked and under-rated.  No in this case and not with these girls – Go Penn!

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