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Podium Sports Journal’s Mission:

To bring out the BEST in athletes, coaches, sports medicine professionals, athletic trainers, fitness and conditioning experts, and, parents of gifted athletes.  We PRESENT the – BEST PRACTICES – in Applied Sport Psychology.  Our goal is to provide elite athletes with  inspiration – direction – and – cognitive, tactical and emotional support so they can develope their mental game for breakthrough performance.

There’s an old saying in performance: “A bet against a champion is a bad bet.” After interviewing, coaching, and competing against these people for 26 years, I agree. The championship mindset doesn’t know how to quit. You can kick them, beat them, reject and discourage them, and they just keep coming. Just when you think they’re beat they will come back, and at a moment’s notice. These people are unafraid to lose which means they always play to win. When most people are playing it safe they’re going for gold. It’s a mindset, personality style and learned set of world-class beliefs, and all it requires is a decision to do it.   -Steve Siebold, Former Professional Tennis Player, author on mental toughness, and speaker

What is Podium Sports Journal?

In competitive sports, mental conditioning is a vital component for success.  Podium Sports Journal delivers the best of applied science as we provide READABLE, CREDIBLE, and PRACTICAL information on the evidence based, researched and tested practices in mental training and conditioning for success.  Whether you are an athlete, coach, sports medicine specialist, athletic trainer, or parents of a gifted athlete – you will find articles, Podcasts, interviews, and features designed to help you achieve your goals.

Our aim is to build better athletes for both today and tomorrow with healthy, balanced, accurate, timely, and effective articles, Podcasts, interviews, news features, and video.  Features are filled with cutting edge information designed to hone the skill sets of each support team member – as they do their part in helping each athlete in competition.  From off-season methods to relax and decompress through intense reps and sets conditioning in direct preparation for competition – Podium has what you need.  Peak performance training methods, examples of successful athletes and coaches, and pertinent articles for incorporating the best mind/body/spirit practices from warm-ups to healing injuries are featured.  Key sports that feature the Podium include cycling, triathlon, running, swimming, adventure racing, skiing, speed skating, endurance events and coverage of the Olympic and X-Games, as well as, featured world cup events.

What People are Saying About Podium:

Podium Sports Journal was ranked 3rd by Ken Martin – who reviewed the “50 Best Sports Psychology Blogs” in a recent article, and states ” This site provides such a wealth of information regarding sports psychology and sports participation that all who reference the site from administrators to coaches and athletes, professional and amateur, will benefit from accessing the site’s articles.  Again, this sports psychology ranks in our “Top 5” and deserves our “highest recommendation”.

“Insightful Player” calls Podium “A highly respected on-line magazine for athletes, coaches, sports medicine professionals and parents of gifted athletes. Filled with valuable information, tools and guidelines on mental conditioning for peak performance or quick recovery. Professional, Olympic, collegiate and prep – athletes give Podium rave reviews.”

From Glen Liebman, sports writer, blogger, and sports quote guru:  “Podium Sports Journal gets my Highest recommendation!!!  The site is an exceptional sports psychology site that serves as an outstanding reference for sports professionals, amateurs and laymen on the mental aspects of all sports-related activities and winning behavior patterns – all – presented in non-technical terms and link-based formats to facilitate assimilation of the concisely presented data.”

What makes us unique?

Podium Sports Journal is arguably the largest publishing collaboration in applied sport psychology – Worldwide.  Over 50 Certified Consultants – Certified by the only recognized service organization in the field – Association for Applied Sport Psychology – AASP make up the collective of contributors who have willingly offered their valuable insights, observations and applied research from the field.   When you add to that features from coaches, sports medicine professionals, strength and conditioning experts, and core health psychologists on anti-aging, cardiac health, exercise and fitness motivation (by recognized experts in their field) – You will never question the website’s credibility.

Podium Sports Journal will give you applied sport psychology research in a format that is immediately useful, readable and practical. Our featured interviews with the world’s best coaches allows us to  highlight their tried and true insights, observations and coaching strategies that have contributed to the development of elite athletes successful at the highest level. Interviews with America’s best sport psychology consultants are emphasized with features on applied research and how these approaches are raising the bar in athletic performance.  Observations and commentary of cyclists, triathletes, runners and other Olympic athletes preparations and performance illustrate the hands on development of mental toughness and the conditioning skills they use in action.

Podium Sports Journal has been voted one of  the internet’s best websites in applied sport psychology – and – both athletes and coaches rave about its innovative and comprehensive assistance for those seeking peak performance!

About the Editor:   Stephen E. Walker, PhD

Dr. Stephen Walker is a licensed healthcare practitioner specializing in health and sport psychology.  He is certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, is a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Registry of Sport Psychologists and APA Division 47. He is the founder of Health & Sport Performance Associates, and editor-in-chief of Podium Sports Journal.  For more information on Dr. Walker visit his website: www.drstephenwalker.com or the Association for Applied Sport Psychology to learn more about the organization and certification requirements for their consultants.