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Justin Rose – Gratitude, Mindset and Attitude Always Win

This post features a wonderful video that focuses on Justin Rose and his mindset and attitude toward playing tournament golf. His dedication to excellence resulted in winning the FedEx Cup and $17.7 million in prize money for the season, add to that the World Number 1 Ranking, and it’s been a great year for golf.

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Focusing Your Attention Effectively to Achieve a Podium Performance

Balancing our focus of attention is a key to performing well, especially when facing competing demands. This is even more important during competition. Focusing on the right things and sustaining that focus is the key to achieving a Podium performance. Find out what it takes.

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Growth Mindset – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

A growth mindset is the Key. Performers who focus on their own preparation, give their best effort and manage a positive attitude are way more likely to be their best when it’s “GO TIME”. They don’t compare themselves to others, for their focus centers exclusively on improving themselves. Their Performances are more consistent because of it. Adopt a Growth mindset – Don’t leave home without it. Be your Best when it Counts the Most.

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P5 Thinking – Mental Conditioning for Peak Performance

It is a fact that successful athletes think differently. They have belief systems that support their success and they actively work to manage their thought patterns. Every athlete who has conditioned themselves mentally will have readily practiced methods or strategies that support P5 Thinking. This article reviews these concepts and recommends some exercises to develop your skill at P5 Thinking.

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